Bomb scare at Ottawa airport just an iPod

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|08.27.06

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Bomb scare at Ottawa airport just an iPod
In the age of terrorism, security officials are a bit on edge these days, you know? British travellers have had to check their electronics, Americans are facing the war on liquids, and the Canadians have just opened up a new front in the war on carry-on items. Some twelve days ago an incoming plane from Chicago, landing in Canada's capital city, Ottawa, was kept away from the main terminal as a suspicious item was found on board in the plane's lavatory. The passengers were taken off the plane, a canine team and bomb squad were brought in and the plane was checked from stem to stern. The offending item? An iPod. No word on what kind, though. Folks, please be careful with your iPods -- don't let them go wandering off to the loo unattended, ok?

P.S. - A guy turned up on the World of Warcraft forums, claiming that it was his iPod that caused the whole fiasco. He recounts his tale here. Airport security FTW!

P.P.S. - A woman who was on that flight contributed an op-ed piece to the Ottawa Citizen, confirming many of the details of the above story.
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