Final Core 2 Duo Mobile benchmarked; eh, it's ok

So, now that you're totally and completely freaking sick of hearing about the Core 2 Duo mobile (aka Merom) laptops that were launched today, perhaps it'll interest you to find out exactly how well these machines perform compared to their original Core Duo counterparts? Well, without taking away too much of the reason to hit the PC Perspective benchmark bonanza that pitted the Core 2 Duo T7600 against the Core Duo T6700 -- both today's and yesterday's 2.33GHz Intel Core chips -- we can tell you that the performance was in all cases better, though not typically much more than marginally so. Under heavy load Core 2 Duo was only 2 to 6 degrees cooler (and even in some cases hotter) than the Core Duo, though in one test it did score an entire half hour more battery life. So what have we learned? Well, you can walk -- don't run -- to pick up your Merom laptop, if at all. Us? We'll be fine with our Core Duo (even our Pentium M) machines a while longer yet, thanks; somehow we don't think that 2 or 3 degrees of heat shaved off the top is really going to finally help us conceive.

[Thanks, Mark W.]