AMD taking baby steps towards Centrino with "Yokohama" platform?

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AMD taking baby steps towards Centrino with "Yokohama" platform?
Nothing has been verified just yet, but DigiTimes is reporting that AMD is prepping a Centrino competitor for Q4 of this year, in hopes to compete with the Merom-powered Napa64 platform. The new "Yokohama" platform would naturally be based on AMD's Turion 64 X2 processors, and feature the forthcoming RS690M, RS690DC and RS790M chipsets from ATI. It looks like AMD isn't quite ready to go all the way with their Centrino killer, though, since supposedly they'll be using third-party WLAN chips, and there is still going to be that pesky performance gap between AMD's Turion and Intel's Core chips. What might be an even bigger worry for AMD is when Intel starts throwing other wireless chipsets such as WiMAX into the mix, but at least Yokohama would be a good first step towards a mobile platform that could actually rival Intel's.

[Via TG Daily]
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