Intel announces Rosedale II mobile WiMax chip

With its Rosedale I fixed WiMax chip already out the door, Intel is now focusing on the real holy grail of this technology -- mobile WiMax -- with the just-announced Rosedale II long-range wireless solution. According to company exec Chris Beardsmore, Intel already has ten confirmed customers for the new chip, who will begin producing compatible products later in the year. As you might expect, the first implementations of Rosedale II will involve external laptop cards, while integration into the Centrino platform should happen late next year or in early 2008. Intel is pushing mobile WiMax as a better alternative to the 3G networks offered by cellular providers, and as long as it helps force companies like Verizon to lower the fees on their pricey broadband data packages, we're all for a swift and widespread deployment.

[Via WiMax Networking News]