Gran Turismo producer flatters -- PS3 blushes, overheats

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|08.31.06

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Gran Turismo producer flatters -- PS3 blushes, overheats
A new site has opened up in Japan called PlayBeyond. Think of it as a site for the PS3, where some of the biggest game talents have lengthy interviews about the new console and pretty much flatter the heck out of it. While IGN did a good job of summing up the interview with Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi, we can at least tell you what each nine-minute segment is about.

  1. Graphics (resolution jump, HD) will surprise gamers with finished products
  2. Real life physics can be worked into games, along with hundreds of bystanders watching a race
  3. Online network or networking... will turn into something new the whole world can understand and get in on
  4. Viewable distance -- able to see hundreds of meters ahead in a race now instead of thirty or so
  5. Gran Turismo will change and evolve, sending new car data across the network almost daily
  6. Not only able to race against others over the network, a community of sorts will form
  7. PS3 as a television revolution, changing what is meant when we ask "what's on tv?"
  8. Games and movies are on equal ground with the PS3 -- no more excuses of "it's just a game"... finer details and programming are necessary. (So this weeds out the shoddy games? Hmm.)
  9. Yamauchi closes by saying he wishes to change the world with his games and the PS3 is the tool to cause such a revolution

Wow! Now that's flattery. We'll have to see how Gran Turismo's latest incarnation turns out and if any of these points are realized. Surely some will, but a revolution? Wasn't there another system claiming to be a "Revolution"? That's different, but hey. Check out the story on IGN if you want a little more detail on any of the points, though there's not too much else to scrape from it unless you understand Japanese and watch the PlayBeyond interview.
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