Sony previews NV-U80 and NV-U81T

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.01.06

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Sony previews NV-U80 and NV-U81T
Those Euros sure love their GPS units, and so do we. LaptopLogic reports that today at IFA, Sony said it will update its Nav-U navigation system by November, calling it the NV-U80 and NV-U81T. Sony is touting its newest innovation, called "Position Plus", a set of backup sensors that will provide additional data when the GPS cuts out, for example, when you're driving under a bridge. The NV-U80 also has Bluetooth support and 512MB of storage and what appears to be a Memory Stick slot on the side. The NV-U81T has a 4GB drive, a full European map and it supports Traffic Message Channel information. Sony says both units will be available in November 2006, but the company hasn't released prices yet. The 4.3-inch units will also have gesture control -- we're not quite sure how that works yet, but we wonder if you can give it the finger.

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