Daewoo announces DPN-3500 at IFA

So today's the first day of IFA, and that means that tons of companies are converging on the German capital to rain down gagdets onto the European populus. And not to be outdone by rival Gramin, Daewoo has announced three new navigation system: the DPN-3500, the DPN-5600 and the ANK-6160. We've got the most info on the DPN-3500, which according to Daewoo's Italian site, sports a 320 x 240 3.5-inch screen, 32MB of internal flash storage, and has 64MB of SDRAM and connects to the outside world with an SD / MMC card slot. You'll have to forgive us though, our Italian is a bit rusty, so when we read "SD Memory interna da 512 Mb," we're assuming that means it comes bundled with a 512MB SD card. But our Italian skills are good enough to tell you that it has a rechargeable battery, an optional remote control, and comes with standard Italian maps along with other maps, we're guessing for additional purchase. There's no mention in any language of how much the DPN-3500 will cost, nor of when it will be released. TechDigest also reports the announcement of the DPN-3500's two big cousins, the DPN-5600 and the ANK-6160, but we've been unable to find any more details on either of these in any language -- ma li terremo informati.

[Via TechDigest]