De-badging your cellphone / PDA with sugar

If you're the type who already has, say, a de-badged PSP-controlled Honda Civic in your driveway, you probably dig that clean, smooth look on all your gadgetry. We can't say we blame you, and even Dell has admitted it doesn't like those goofy stickers defacing your electronic property. The brave souls over at Instructables have successfully devised a method to remove the glued-on logos that grace the faceplate of your cellphone and PDA, and the main ingredient is sugar. Apparently all you have to do is tape around those critical parts where you don't want sugar crystals meandering in (read: screens, keypads, etc.), and then get that wrist a moving. By using as many blocks of sugar cubes as necessary for removal, you simply scrub away the unwanted logos and replace any worn tape as needed -- the secret lies in sugar's ability to grind away the stick-ons, while lacking the abrasiveness required to scratch the casing of most mobile devices. If you can't wait to wipe your devices clean of branding and model numbers (while potentially voiding the warranties), be sure to hit the read link for a full step by step guide, or check out the sweet (ahem) video of the defacing in progress.