"Wolf" Rentzsch announces C4: Chicago Mac Developer Conference

When ADHOC/MacHack went bye-bye last year, the Mac development community was aching for something to fill its Big Foot-sized shoes. Drunkenbatman threw his hat into the ring with Evening@Adler, which I thought was a huge hit.

And now Jon "Wolf" Rentzsch is taking it one step further by hosting a three-day, session-packed developer conference in Chicago, with presentations from some of the Mac dev world's Most Notable (including Brent Simmons, Gus Mueller, John Gruber, drunkenbatman, and many more!).

Jon has the full schedule on his blog, and you can look at the conference in more depth at its website. There are only 75 attendee spots, most of which have filled, but Jon tells me there are still a few openings: so register quick! I'll certainly be there, and will post a recap of the whole thing here on TUAW.