Fire-retardant sleeves for your laptop

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.16.06

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We're not sure if these new fire-retardant covers are meant to protect nearby objects in the event of battery explosion, or if they're meant to protect the MacBook from thermal disaster in its surrounding environment -- but either way, they're a pretty stylish new necessity. Wrappers, a British retailer, is now selling jumbocord covers made from graphite granules embedded in the supposed contract-quality corduroy that has passed a "100,000 wear and tear rub test" -- which we really hope doesn't mean it was rubbed 100,000 times by a person. MacBook sleeves are £19.50 ($36) including worldwide shipping, and can be embroidered with initials for an additional three quid ($5.63). Regardless of whether or not your order one, we think that Korean Air, Qantas and Virgin should get in touch with Wrappers to make some airplane-friendly fire-retardant sleeves for the type of computers that have a better chance of actually exploding.

[Via Laptop]
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