Epic's Rein talks Gears, UT2007

Alan Rose
A. Rose|09.20.06

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Epic's Rein talks Gears, UT2007
Epic's Rein talks Gears, UT2007Epic Games VP Mark Rein was back in the hot seat in a new interview with CVG. For part one of two, Rein discusses Unreal Tournament 2007's hover board and weapons roster, the UT Kismet scripting language, and why Gears of War isn't really a "shooter".

Regarding the Kismet toolset and UT mod community, Rein had this to say: "Mod makers and designers are going to be able to do things that programmers could barely figure out how to do in the previous generation... you could take Unreal Kismet and build Tetris with it. I mean, without being a really genius programmer you could make a cool puzzle game with it."

Well, we've already had Mortal Kombat Tetris, so why not mash up the classic puzzler with a shooter? Using Unreal Engine 3's enhanced particle and shading effects, it would be the best damn looking Tetris game ever!

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