The first batch of Xbox Live TGS content [update 1]

Ross Miller
R. Miller|09.20.06

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The first batch of Xbox Live TGS content [update 1]
As promised, Microsoft has released the first batch of Xbox Live content to correspond with the Tokyo Games Show. The following is available to all Xbox Live users:
  • Half-Life 2: Episode Two trailer
  • Tenchu Senran trailer
  • Two map packs for Battle for Middle Earth II.
  • A TGS picture pack
  • Updates to Spades, Hearts, Backgammon and Bankshot Billards to add Vision support
In addition, Japanese Xbox 360 owners (yes, all five of you) will get the following:
  • Tenchu Senran demo
  • Dead or Alive X2 E3 trailer
  • Project Sylpheed trailer
A word of caution: there is an error with the new BFMEII content. The first map pack is supposed to be free but is currently charging gamers 350 MS points. Major Nelson promises that the problem will be fixed soon. The second map pack will still cost you 350 MS points (about $4.38).

One commenter on Major Nelson's blog, Cayne, summed up our sentiments perfectly: "I still don't get why stuff is only released in some countries. This is 2006 for god's sake. We have the intertube and everybody sees everything. The only thing it accomplishes is pissing everyone off eventually." We're not blaming Microsoft (as Kid Chemical points out, it's not exactly their fault) as much as we are lamenting over silly copyright issues: the Project Sylpheed trailer may be Japan-only right now, but don't be surprised if it winds up on YouTube or GameTrailers in the next day or two for any gamer in any region to view.

[Update 1: clarified significance of referencing Cayne's comment.]
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