Zune to be priced at $249 or less?

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Zune to be priced at $249 or less?
Perhaps those rumors of Microsoft re-jiggering their Zune pricetag after catching wind of the iPod price drop are true after all. Zune team member David Caulton has come out with a word on his Zune blog stating that "Zune won't be undercut on price by iPod," in response to a commenter who stated they'd heard the Zune was going to be pricier than the iPod. It's not exactly explicit, but we're not quite sure how much more strongly he could hint at a $249-or-less Zune price without ripping his NDA to shreds. In fact, David's straight-up statement might be its biggest detractor -- we'd be surprised someone with full-on insider info could actually manage to get out a word like this without a few men in black suites taking him down.

[Via PVR Wire]
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