Samsung busts out the 720TD, 711ND and XL20 LCDs in Japan

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Samsung busts out the 720TD, 711ND and XL20 LCDs in Japan
Samsung has just announced three fairly innovative SyncMaster LCDs for Japan, the 17-inch 720TD and 711ND, along with the XL20 (pictured) which measures 20.1-inches. All three displays have some pretty interesting features, starting with the 720TD which we saw at CES with its pen-based input action. It's not an actual touchscreen, since you need the stylus to get anything done, but if our previous viewing is any indication, the LCD should be going for a lot less than its touchscreen counterparts. The display also manages a 1,280 x 1,024 resolution, 270 nits of brightness, 700:1 contrast ratio and a 8ms response time. Next up, we have the 711ND, which packs in Windows CE, 128MB of RAM, 128MB of ROM and an Ethernet port for running Internet Explorer, viewing media and connecting a network, all sans PC. As for monitor specs, they aren't incredibly exciting, with 300 nits of brightness, but a mere 600:1 contrast ratio. Lastly, the XL20 packs in possibly the most lovable spec of all: an LED backlight, boosting the contrast ratio to 1,000:1, though the 250 nits of brightness and 8ms aren't quite as exciting as we would hope for from an LED display. The monitor also boasts of a 1,600 x 1,200 resolution, and both DVI-D and DVI-I ports. Unfortunately, there's no word on price or exact availability for any of these displays, and no mention yet of a US launch, but we'll keep a look out. Keep reading for pics of the other two displays.

SyncMaster 720TD

SyncMaster 711ND
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