Burning Crusade Forums tidbits

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|09.25.06

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Mike Schramm
September 25th, 2006
Burning Crusade Forums tidbits
A few tidbits about changes in the expansion have popped up in the forums...
  • Tseric says that certain Crowd Control abilities (of course no specifics yet) will be downgraded, if not disabled in Arena PVP. Spells like Polymorph or Sleep may have a 15-20 second duration when used in PVE, but only a 5-10 second duration in Arena PVP. This is meant to "prevent extended removal [of players] from combat."
  • On a question about how PVP ranks will show in BC, Drysc says there will be a title menu in the UI, and that players will be able to choose up to their highest rank to display. He also says there will be more titles for Arena PVP, as well as other titles through "various other means." World PVP? PVE titles? Last names? Your guess is as good as ours.
  • We've covered mount changes in 1.12.1 pretty extensively but in case you still have questions, Hortus has all the answers you need.
  • A player asks if flying mounts will make players immune to attacks, but Neth says they haven't decided for sure yet. This was the first concern that came to mind when I saw the Druids' new flying form-- will Druids have an instant escape plan?
  • Considering all the classes seem to be getting pets in the expansion, Eskar has an idea for what to give rogues.
  • And can't remember where I heard this rumor (I'm thinking it was one of our esteemed commenters?), but rumor (only rumor!) has it Blizzard has dropped the expansion price the game's price from $39.99 to $19.99** (updated-- see below). If that's true, it pretty much ensures that World of Warcraft will move from seven million players to something literally engulfing the known universe, thus creating some sort of new, superuniverse in which multidimensional beings shout jokes about Chuck Norris and Steve Irwin at each other while other beings yell at them to "stop spamming LFG."
Exciting stuff! Can't wait for the expansion.. whenever it is released,

Update: Our commenters, God bless 'em, have confirmed the price drop, kind of. Blizzard will be dropping the original game to the price of $19.99-- the expansion will be $39.99. But that still means the game will be cheaper than ever to play, which means we're probably due for all that multidimensional universe stuff. Plan 2007 accordingly.
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