Slingbox Pro and Tuner to be released October 22?

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|09.26.06

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Slingbox Pro and Tuner to be released October 22?
While you've seen the first round of Slingbox photos that we posted in the wee hours this morning, more details are starting to emerge, namely that the Slingbox Pro and Tuner versions will be released on October 22. We got this luscious piece of intel from a devoted Sling fan who acquired it after spotting the AV at a Best Buy in Augusta, Georgia, and then subsequently grilled the staff on the availability of the Pro and Tuner. As we mentioned previously, the FCC confidentiality agreement lifts on September 28, so perhaps this new release date is what we should be expecting from Blake & Co.?

[Thanks, Dennis]
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