Nintendo Fusion Tour begins, no one listens to the music

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|09.28.06

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Nintendo Fusion Tour begins, no one listens to the music
Emo kidsTruth be told, if you're headed off to one of the Nintendo Fusion Tour in numerous locations around the country, you're probably not heading there for the music. Hawthorne Heights and Relient K may excite the plebian youth, but not seasoned and impossibly articulate gamers such as ourselves. No, we are drawn to higher forms of art and diversion. Like, you know, pretending to hula hoop to earn a green checkmark on a bright screen.

In any case, the NFT kicked off with its opening act in Columbus, Ohio last night, and we've got some early impressions of the event. Wii and DS units galore, but nothing Earth-shattering, save perhaps for the mysterious disappearance of the glowing blue light from the propietary slot-loading DVD drive. It's a rather disturbing absence, as that remains on the coolest aesthetic features of the console. Is it gone for good? Read the full impressions after the jump.
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