Veritide Anthrax Detector comes in happy face yellow

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|10.03.06

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Veritide Anthrax Detector comes in happy face yellow
It's not often that we get to write about one of our favorite under-reported countries (New Zealand) and one of our favorite under-reported bacterial spores (anthrax) in the same post, but our lucky day has finally arrived. A Kiwi nation-based company called Veritide has just developed a handheld anthrax detector (aptly called the "Anthrax Detector"). This bright yellow gadget, which is about the size of a coffee mug, has a non-destructive optical scanner that'll determine in under a minute whether that spilled white powder in your laboratory is baking soda or the deadly bacteria. No intel yet on pricing, availability, nor if Veritide's Anthrax Detector comes with samples of anthrax spores to test it out, but either way it's something no self-respecting paranoiac should do without -- like the home geiger counter (and watch), or your handy cellphone radiation detector.

[Via medGadget]
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