The USB-powered hamster wheel

If your office isn't quite overrun with newfangled USB-powered devices, well, maybe it should be. Joining the staggeringly-long list of lava lamps, seat coolers, deco lights, and other curious adornments, the USB hamster wheel is yet another incredibly novel way to make a spare USB port feel appreciated. Although most of these gizmos distract you (and your co-workers) from meeting those deadlines, this rodent could very well assist in boosting your productivity level. After the little guy's software is loaded up and he's all plugged in, just start typing to see his wee legs start to move. The quicker you type, the quicker he scurries, and we assume you don't even have to type actual words to get that wheel a-spinnin'; if an alarming stream of smoke begins to form, you can let the critter cool off by just flipping the on / off switch. Oddly enough, this USB-powered device still requires a couple AA batteries to operate, but if you need an alternate form of motivation to get you going each morning, the hamster wheel is available now for £24.95 ($47).

[Via Uber-Review]