Archos 504 PMP reviewed

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Archos 504 PMP reviewed
After checking out Archos' 404 and 604 portable media players, CNET's now finally rounded out the '04 PMP line-up with a look at the last of the lot, the 504. As with the other two, the 504 left 'em mighty impressed, with a great 4.3-inch screen, loads of storage (your choice of 40, 80, or 160GB), a wide range of accessory options, decent battery life (with a removable battery), and a sleek, easy-to-use interface. On the downside, that big screen and massive storage means the unit is quite bulky, and you'll also need to load up on those optional accessories if you want to take full advantage of this device -- namely, the extra kit needed to record audio and video. Going all out for the 160GB model will also cost you quite a premium, with a list price of $600, compared to just $350 for the 40GB and $400 for the 80GB. But still, it's a hundred and sixty freaking gigabytes -- in a PMP.

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