Warner adds 7 high-def releases for October 31

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Warner adds 7 high-def releases for October 31
Warner Home Video might have had to cut sales projections but are still supporting HD, announcing three HD DVD releases and four Blu-ray discs due on October 31st. The highest profile title of the seven is V for Vendetta which will include Warner's In Movie Experience (IME), to view director commentary while the movie plays in the background. Joining V on HD DVD are Excalibur and Under Siege. Under Siege is also making its Blu-ray bow on the same day, along with The Phantom of the Opera, Searchers and Unforgiven. All will include the extras present on the standard DVD version -- no 1080p HD extras, 50GB discs or 30/9 combos here -- and we don't expect them given their $28.98 MSRP. Our Google Calendars are of course updated with the releases. Blu-ray may be catching up a bit, with one extra release, but we're sure some who were lucky enough to get a PS3 pre-order are looking to see when V for Vendetta crosses into the Blu.

HD DVD release schedule

Blu-ray release schedule
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