Some Resistance news from Ted Price's mouth... blog.

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|10.12.06

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Some Resistance news from Ted Price's mouth... blog.
Mouthblog. Mmmm. There have been a lot of people asking a lot of questions about the anticipated Resistance: Fall of Man. Questions that, when answered, would no longer be questions. With that not-unflawless logic in mind, Insomniac's Ted Price has decided to do just that -- answer questions. Let's listen in to the good ones, shall we?

Someone cited that the aiming system seen in video footage was jerky. Ted Price responds! "When we were prototyping the game we realized that if there's any lag in the camera motion when aiming, the game can get frustrating so we came down on the side of quick response. We did of course look at other quality FPS's to ensure that we weren't too far off base. Even better, you can adjust the sensitivity of the controls in the controller options screen. This will give you the option of having the camera move very slowly and smoothly, extremely quickly or something in between." So, does this mean something like Counterstrike but sans the mouse? Forgive the ignorance, FPS fans, as it's not this blogger's primary joy.

What makes the game different from Halo, Prey, Gears of War, etc? Price says it has to do with a few things. First is the way the story is told -- not through the eyes of a protagonist, but through a British Intelligence officer trying to put pieces of a mystery together (a cool twist on the conventional "this is my story... let's blow stuff up" method employed by many, many games). The unique weapons are also cited as a reason -- each carries a unique property instead of "B is stronger than A, C is stronger than B, if you have A against C you will die quickly." The 40-person online matches are pointed out next, with three unique play modes in addition to the normal three.

If you're playing a splitscreen on a 16:9 TV, the screen is cut vertical. On a 4:3 screen, it's cut horizontal. A nice touch, really. No mouse/keyboard functionality, but there will be headset support. Geez, there are a ton of questions and answers! The above two seemed to be most relevant, but if you want to know about vehicles being supported, specific weapon types, more about Insomniac's relation to Sony... read the Q&A session. It's fairly interesting -- and amazing how nice Ted Price comes across.
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