More Wii accessories, prices revealed

The Nintendo of Japan website has a new page showing off all the not-so-extravagant Wii accessories; namely, the power cord, input cables, and "official" Nintendo SD cards. The accessories and prices revealed:

  • Power adapter* (¥3,000)

  • Ethernet adapter (¥2,800)

  • 512MB SD card (¥3,800)

  • Composite input cables* (¥1,000)

  • D-Cable input (¥2,500)

  • S-Video input cables (¥2,500)

  • Component input cables (¥2,500)

The 512MB SD card equates to approximately US$32, which is double the price for a non-Nintendo SD card with the exact same functionality. Just remember that it costs Nintendo a hefty fee to put its logo on its own products.

Note: accessories with an asterisk (*) besides them are pre-packaged with the Wii.

[Via Engadget; thanks to all who sent this in!]