Optimus starts blog to track progress of keyboard development

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|10.16.06

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Optimus starts blog to track progress of keyboard development
We just got word from Artemy Lebedev about the new blog they've posted to keep us abreast of the Optimus keyboard development process. The Optimus "mini three" is already on sale and the "Upravlator" is "coming soon," along with the product I've been waiting for - the full sized Optimus keyboard. While none of these products currently have Mac drivers available, Art emailed to tell us "Mac support will be added later." And indeed, the blog does show a screenshot of testing being done on OS X. Check out the Art Lebedev site for more product details.

Unfortunately, one of the most recent posts on the Optimus blog indicates that they have made a decision to not use OLED displays for the keys of the full-sized Optimus (aka Optimus-113) as originally planned, but it still sounds like it will be pretty cool, albeit expensive. We'll be keeping tabs on this one.
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