Toy Quest intros Rip Roar Video Free PMP / PVR for kids

Darren Murph
D. Murph|10.18.06

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Toy Quest intros Rip Roar Video Free PMP / PVR for kids
Joining the seemingly endless amount of toys that adults wish they had as children is a kid-friendly portable media player / PVR designed to keep 10-year olds satisfied while their teenage peers sport iPods. Crafted by Toy Quest -- the same folks behind the Blue Man Group's childish instrument lineup -- the Rip Roar Video Free poses as something akin to a Fisher Price gizmo, but packs the same functionality found in a bevy of cheaper PMP wannabes. The device can record "up to five hours of live television," and has no trouble learning IR codes from your remote control; it also packs an integrated speaker, USB connectivity, and 512MB of internal storage, but additional media can presumably be loaded onto your SD card if needed. The unit also boasts a 2.5-inch LCD, which is said to match the "size and quality" of that found on Apple's own flagship player, and touts a modest five hour battery life, which should outlast any youngster's attention span anyway. While there's no specifics concerning supported file formats, we doubt the typical fourth-grader will demand playback for his / her XviD and APE files, and at least the $179 pricetag sure undercuts a few grown-up alternatives.

[Via I4U]
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