Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 9th - 15th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|10.19.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 9th - 15th

The Burning Crusade

Some great screenshots of mounts you'll find in the expansion.
Wonder no longer -- official hunter talents have been released!
More hunter tweaks discussed.
Leaked screenshots of the coming LFG interface.
New paladin set graphics and casting animations.
Alpha impressions of world PvP.
A list of potential jewelcrafting items.
A list of new item suffixes you might see in the expansion.
Blizzard discusses warriors in the Burning Crusade.
Yet more jewelcrafting rumors.
Another set of updates to the expansion's talent trees.
Are you planning on stockpiling experience for the expansion? It might night work out the way you planned.
The closed beta begins -- and there's no pesky NDA this time around.
Faction specific (but not race-specific) mounts planned for the expansion.
The Sword of a Thousand Truths -- coming soon, to an expansion near you.
Another set of talent updates.
You probably expected this already -- but flying mounts are going to be a bit pricey.
First impressions from the beta testers.
The flood of beta information begins.
More Burning Crusade screenshots than you can shake a stick at.
Ebay your way into the Burning Crusade.
Jennie talks about her first steps into the Burning Crusade beta.
Some news on the Blood Elf and Draenei priest racial abilities.
Not in the beta? This video is nearly like leveling from 1 to 5 on your own.
Even more first impressions of the beta.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
Do you think the addon changes in the Burning Crusade are for better or worse?
Does our favorite game have uses in a therapeutic setting?
What do you think of all the new talents and spells for the Burning Crusade?
Do you find yourself bored with the game -- and will the expansion cure your boredom?
What are the best -- and worst -- looking races in the game?
Do you listen to the in-game music track -- or is it simply lost?
So what's your dream gear?

Battleground exploits and Blizzard's responsibility.

WoW Moviewatch presents the Anti-Elf Anthem.
WoW Moviewatch brings us the Ballad of the Noob.
Another Moviewatch presents WoW Logic.

Tips & tricks
This performance tweak for PowerPC machines might improve your framerate.

Around Azeroth

Welcome to the kingdom of the Gnome.
The constant purple haze of Winterspring.
...and the constant red glow of Blackrock Mountain.
An early morning at the Menethil docks.
Flying out from Menethil.
The towering wilds of Feralas.
There's great fishing off the docks of Steamwheedle Port.

They don't offer any amazing rewards, but these Halloween contests do sound like fun.

Bugs & maintenance
As of 1.12.1, quest items vanish when you abandon quests.

Guilds & raiding
You may not believe it, but Not Addicted has some sound advice to offer on guild management.
Another installment of GuildWatch brings more drama than you can shake a stick at.

Blizzard news
Blizzard closes 76,000 accounts.

Odds & ends

Welcome to the wonderful World of Chalkcraft!
It's not quite South Park, but World of Warcraft made an appearance on a Ted Danson sitcom last week.
Picking apart Make Love Not Warcraft.
In another Blog Roundup, Tobold and Relmstein talk about the addons change; World of Warcraft isn't as simple as it might seem; living with a WoWaholic; and our old friend the Naked Troll.
In this week's AddOn Spotlight, Lizzy shows off her interface.
Now rezzing %t...
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us the Elementium Reinforced Bulwark.
In this Blog Roundup, we cover roleplaying, epic flying mount costs, WoW's competition, and arena PvP.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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