SDI's iHome2go iH19 and iH26 iPod docks

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SDI's iHome2go iH19 and iH26 iPod docks

SDI Technologies have just taken the iHome on the road with their iHome2go series of iPod alarm docks. Oh sure, you could argue about the name -- why not iGo or iRideCoattails, for example -- but there's no denying the magic of that iHome preamble. Available in two flavas, the 2go iH26 is pretty much the iH5 in a new folding design while the 2go iH19 model brings true portability with integrated speakers in a waterproof/shockproof carrying case measuring just 830-grams / 210×90×90-mm or 1.83-pounds / 8.3×3.5×3.5-inches including the 4x AAA batteries it can use for power when away from the mains. Expect the iH19 to pull ¥10,800 (about $91) while the iH26 will set you back approximately ¥14,800 (about $125) when these hit Japan in early November. More pics after the break.

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