Pepper Pad 3 scores a review

Although dubbed a "mini-review," Carrypad just spat-out 1352 words on the Pepper Pad 3 for your inspection. Online over WiFi within 5-minutes of unboxing, the latest Pepper Pad did impress although not without some minor gripes. Messaging is limited to AIM and POP3/IMAP mail out of the box (no VoIP) and the device is very awkward to hold while using the stylus for navigation. However, the reviewer "loves" thumbing around on the keypad and found the scrollwheel "superb." Users can expect just under 3-hours of battery life with 2:40 tested with WiFi on, music playing, and screen at 30% -- that's more than most UMPCs, however, the Pepper Pad 3 runs the Pepper Desktop, not a Tablet version of XP. That keeps things simple for those of you just looking for portable web browsing and multimedia access in "a real home loving device." The big bonus for tinkering-types stems from the device's core Linux and x86 architecture allowing you to extend the PP3's capabilities to your heart's desire. The reviewer installed GAIM and went so far as to make that little AMD Geode LX 800 0.9 watt processor crank on Apache, SQL, and PHP server just for kicks. So as Carrypad rightly concludes, this device is capable of satisfying both the perplexed homebody and industrious hacker for about $699.