PS3 likely to sell 'movies, music, TV'

Zack Stern
Z. Stern|10.20.06

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PS3 likely to sell 'movies, music, TV'
Sony is working on a media store, combining its vast movie and music empire with its Trojan horse PS3 system. Late at night, James Bond movies and Beyoncé music will sneak out of the PS3 to take over your living room.

It's easy to anticipate the PS3-as-media-store angle; corporations love that synergy. John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment gave us a few general notes about the plan. While he said Sony had "no announcement yet," about these media sales, he said that the ready-for-launch PlayStation Store, is "set up to offer any DRM type of content," including "movies, music, and TV [shows]." (Sony had already announced that the store will offer game downloads and add-ons.) Smedley went as far as saying that Sony is working with content providers, so while unofficial, the media store seems inevitable to us.

Here's hoping that Sony maintains the HD attitude and sells HD movies online. Or what if we could rent those titles on the cheap? That sounds like another way for the PS3 to attract a broad audience.
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