Two redesigned PSPs coming next Spring, say analysts

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Two redesigned PSPs coming next Spring, say analysts
It's that time of the year again. Yep. Another analyst is talking about a PSP redesign, but this one's a bit more ambitious than the other ones: Paul-Jon McNealy of American Technical Research has predicted the appearance of two new models, one below $199 and one above. "Sony will likely introduce a refresh of the PSP hardware line, including a hard-disk drive PSP and a second PSP with no hard drive but with a significant amount of flash memory on board." Sounds a lot like the other rumor about a redesign.

Considering how frequently these redesign reports pop up, I'm going to place my bet that a redesign will come out... eventually (no matter how often Sony denies it). Will it be next Spring, as predicted?

[Via International Business Times]
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