Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 16th - 22nd

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|10.27.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 16th - 22nd

The Burning Crusade

Video footage of new paladin seal and blessing animations.
Finally, some official profession news (though it's not much).
Some screenshots of the new LFG interface.
Talent updates for warriors, rogues, druids, paladins, shaman, mages, and hunters.
Huzzah! Meeting stones will be useless no longer.
The new combat rating system explained by Eyonix.
New hunter pet types in the Burning Crusade... or not.
Collector's Edition: sold out?
Talent updates for warlocks, rogues, warriors, and hunters.
The story on the Collector's Edition in Australia.
A few tiny beta tidbits.
A review of the coming priest talent changes.
The Burning Crusade's system requirements released.
Apparently, there will be a tier 4 set for most build types. Neato!
The final word on the new priest racial abilities.
No, there aren't any plans to change or tweak the current raid dungeons in the expansion.
Collector's Edition back in stock at Gamestop and EB.
Talent updates for warlocks, paladins, and priests.
First impressions of the Caverns of Time.
Specific combat statistics for players at level 60 and 70.
Screenshots of the Talbuk mount.

Breakfast Topics & discussion
What do you think is okay in a dual?
What are you supposed to do with that mysterious unhatched egg, again?
Goodbye cruel world (of Warcraft)!
Taking a PvE guild into the expansion.
Going from WoW buddies to real life friends.
What will become of current end game raid instances?
So has WoW ruined your life?
We all started somewhere -- where did you start?
Your guild and your kids.
Finding time for your alts.
Do you think World of Warcraft is a game or a hobby?

WoW Moviewatch brings us Hardware Store.
Checkout the warlock's Felguard in action.

Tips & tricks
This week, AddOn Spotlight shows off Juna's interface.
A great Hallow's End quest guide.

Around Azeroth

Unique pets are only unique for so long...
The funny things you find venturing below a city's streets.
Looking up at the Twin Colossals.
Don't you wish you had as much gold as Preecher?
Meet Uther.
Ever wanted to see the grave of an old God? Here's your chance.
A rainy day in Stranglethorn Vale.

A handful of comic contest honorable mentions.

Guilds & raiding
Another week, another GuildWatch!
Organizing raids with Raidar.

Blizzard news
Hallow's End is coming!
Paid character transfer cooldown reduced from 6 months to 1 month.
Paid character transfer cooldown increased (yes, you read that right) from 1 month to 3 months.

Odds & ends

This blog roundup covers the Burning Crusade release date, the Outlands, the difficulty of pre-ordering the expansion, the Burning Crusade (isn't everyone talking about it?), and Paladinsuck's makeover.
An adorably plush Tauren shaman.
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us Linken's Boomerang.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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