2G Shuffle finally shipping

In between posting rumors about iPhones, touchscreen iPods, and eight-core Mac Pros, we've been wondering when that sexy new "matchbox meets boombox" iPod Shuffle first revealed at September's "It's Showtime" event would start shipping to eager customers. Well thanks to reader Brad, we now know that Apple has begun sending its most diminutive DAP to those folks who already placed their pre-orders, with Brad's notification indicating a delivery date of November 3rd. So if the new Shuffle hasn't hit retail channels already, it'll be available any day now, or you can hit up Apple's online store to get the process started immediately. As for us, we're gonna wait around for a bit and keep our eye on eBay; even though this tiny 'Pod is only $79 to begin with, it's so easy to lose that we'll probably get a better deal buying one of the many second-hand units inevitably dropped in buses, taxis, and subway cars nationwide.

[Thanks, Brad P.]