Metareview - Killzone: Liberation

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Metareview - Killzone: Liberation
Killzone: LiberationWith that Killzone sequel stuck somewhere in the PlayStation 3 pipeline, Sony and Guerilla have opted to keep the franchise alive with a PSP spin-off, releasing this week. Guerilla was not up to the task of proving FPSs could be done well on PSP, so Liberation is brought to us in third-person, which has proved more stable and successful on the platform. But releasing alongside Vice City Stories and a pair of Q Entertainment puzzlers could mean Liberation gets slept on.

Here are some mixed critiques:
  • IGN (90/100) opines Killzone's got "depth" and "accessibility," making it "one of the best games on [PSP]."
  • GameDaily (80/100) gives a clear-cut endorsement: "Killzone: Liberation is definitely worth buying."
  • Game Informer (73/100) applauds Guerilla for "actually trying to do some quality work on the PSP," but warns, "this game will kick your ass" because of awkward controls and difficulty balance.
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