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PlayStation 3 gameplay preview

PlayStation 3 gameplay preview
Paul Miller
Paul Miller|@futurepaul|November 1, 2006 10:01 PM

While Ryan was busy at SCEA playing with the shiny box itself, our NY peeps headed over to a little Sony event where we could get a bit of quality gameplay time. Sony had a good majority of their launch lineup on display, and seeing all the games in the same room gave us a solid impression of the varying quality of the titles. The good news is that all that horsepower isn't just being wasted on 1080p, a lot of these games looked dang impressive, though +$200 impressive might be stretching it a bit. Unfortunately, a few of the games looked no better than their Xbox 360 counterparts, and we're not sure how noticeable some of the differences would be without a fancy, bigscreen 1080p setup. There's also the question of the controller -- Sony's SIXAXIS controller feels just like the Dual Shock of yore (minus the shock, of course), and this blogger finds fragging quite a bit more attainable on that cozy Xbox 360 controller from Microsoft. Keep reading for pics of all the games, along with some of our impressions.

Nice enough vibe, though we've gotta say 1080p could use a bit more legroom than was provided by these displays.

Look how much fun we're all having!

Ah, Peter Rojas in his element: Call of Duty 3.

Or is he?

Yeah, Sony wired up all their controllers for the showing -- don't they trust us?

Graphics def seem a step above the Xbox 360 version, from what we can tell from the internets and our own experience.

Ruh roh! Peter blames the controller, but you can always track him down on Xbox Live for a bit of CoD2 to see for yourself.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines, a PS3 exclusive (for now), featured some pretty intense action and medium-spicy graphics.

No complaints here, MotorStorm looked dang impressive and quite entertaining -- next-gen all the way.

We didn't stick around here too long, but Genji looked just passable in the eyecandy department.

The graphics here make it abundantly clear where the money is in the video game industry.

Pretty, but you'll pry NHL '95 out of our cold, dead fingers.

How come games involving giant and powerful mechs always have to be so boring?

Halo killer? Who knows. Sexy? You betcha.

How come games involving our childhood heroes always have to be so boring?

Sony's version of NBA action looks quite pretty as well.

Graphics are great, animations are superb, "nail the trick" is amazing, and we still suck at skating games. As a side note, the game can be controlled with the SIXAXIS' tilt features, but it's nearly impossible and much less accurate to do so.

Why is everyone so shiny?

Alright, that's it. Nothing really blew us away, but it wasn't a bad showing for Sony by a long shot.