Castlevania film gets Rogue distributor

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Castlevania film gets Rogue distributor
CastlevaniaRogue Pictures, a sub-sub-division of Universal specializing in low-budget action and horror flicks, has signed on to distribute Paul W.S. Anderson's Castlevania adaptation. Rogue will handle distribution in North American, the U.K., Spain and German-speaking territories. Crystal Sky, co-financers of the (not-so-low-budget) $50 million project, will be responsible for distribution throughout the rest of the world.

Anderson is currently scouting out shooting locales in Hungary and Romania for his Blade-meets-Highlander epic. Dracula's castle will be re-imagined in some back lot in Budapest. Shooting starts this spring. Drink your holy water and keep your crosses crossed.

[Thanks, Dave]
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