PlayStation 3 XMB walkthroughs

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James Ransom-Wiley
November 3rd, 2006
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PlayStation 3 XMB walkthroughs
Cross Media Bar
Engadget and IGN hit us with some Cross Media Bar (XMB) love. These previews of the PlayStation 3 interface, which is adapted from PSP, show how strikingly different Sony's design is from its competitors'. The no-frills UI is easy to navigate, but it's also cold and doesn't invite users to spend time with it the way Xbox 360's "fun" presentation does -- it doesn't shove ads in our faces either.

Still, buried within the simple row of icons and menu stacks are some valuable applications. IGN previews the slick Photo Album feature, which boasts an impressive automated layout mode that puts 360's simplified slideshow tool to shame. Early indications suggest Sony didn't lose sight of the importance of a well-designed multi-tasking interface.

Engadget gets deeper into XMB, previewing the browser, Folding@Home client, and PlayStation Network's friends and messaging features:

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