Toffa unveils GooSync: Google Calendar on your mobile

Google has done quite a swell job tunneling its variety of niceties into mobile form, but syncing your online Google Calendar with that already-crowded version on your mobile / PDA isn't happening without some help from a generous third party. Toffa has unveiled GooSync beta, which "will seamlessly synchronize almost any mobile device with your Google Calendar" without charging you a dime. The seemingly impressive system starts by logging on and initiating a sync to GooSync's website from your handheld, which channels the info on your Google Calendar directly onto your cellphone, all without plugging a single cord into your device. While the list of supported phones is entirely too lengthy to list, be sure to hit the read link to find out if you can be a lucky guinea pig, and stop fiddling with two calendars at once, yeah?

[Thanks, Travis]