Twilight Princess Japanese site up

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|11.06.06

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Twilight Princess Japanese site up

Wii Fanboy would like to know how our readers are fairing with all the Zelda information we are bombarding you with. You see, we geek out when it comes to Zelda. In fact, we geek out so much that we only have three Zelda titles left of those released in the US until our personal collection is complete. We would mention their names but we can't bring ourselves to. Told y'all we are nerds.

In case you didn't get enough of Link this week, we are here to save your day and get you your fix. The Japanese Zelda: Twilight Princess site is open and ready for your viewing. Unfortunately, there isn't much to drool at. Just the most recent trailer and some info that is, dur, in Japanese. It is a nice set up for a site and we can't wait to see where it goes before the launch of the most anticipated Zelda of all time.

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