Sony announces 007 Micro Vault USB drive

Updated ·1 min read

Looking to leave no corner of your gadget bag untouched by its license to cash in, Sony is following up its Bond-themed laptop/digital camera bundle with a 007-branded Micro Vault USB drive. Available in only a 1GB model (Q would definitely not approve), the drive sports a sleek piano black finish and comes pre-loaded with the Casio Royale movie trailer, as well as four 1,920 x 1,080 Bond-related wallpaper images. Other than that, however, it's a standard Sony flash drive, with the trademark retractable USB connector and Virtual Expander compression software to squeeze as much data as possible onto the drive. No word on how much of a premium it'll cost you over a regular Micro Vault, if any, but it should be available sometime before the movie's premiere later this month.

[Via Photography Blog]