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First Gears of War reviews roll in

Kevin Kelly
Kevin Kelly|November 7, 2006 12:15 PM
G4tv and Gamespot have posted video reviews of Gears of War. The verdict? They both love it. Although, Morgan Webb says the game's hardcore setting is "borderline impossible to play solo" while Gamespot's Jeff Gerstmann says that hardcore isn't too bad until later in the game. Who to believe? We'll go with Gerstmann.

Gamespot's review is much more in-depth and you'll feel like you learned something by watching it; by comparison, who wants to listen to Morgan Webb obviously read something from a script over gameplay video ... again? It's just painful when she says "bitchcakes."

Not only that, but the Gamespot video plays a helluva lot smoother on our computer than the G4 dreck. And can someone please slip Adam Sessler a note about his wardrobe? He dresses like he got knocked on the head and thinks he's Carlos Santana.

Gamespot says, "games don't typically look this good." We hope he's right.

[Thanks, Mactor]

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