Denon unveils DVD-1930 1080p upscaling universal DVD player

Denon has a proven track record in the 1080p upscaling game, and its latest entry-level player looks to be yet another winner. Replacing the DVD-1920, the DVD-1930 sports a "premium" silver enclosure, HDMI output (HDCP compliant), optical / coaxial digital audio out, and support for SACD / DVD-Audio in addition to DVD. While you won't have much luck tossing any HD discs in here, this device sports a Faroudja DCDi chipset and 11-bit video DAC to fool your eyes into seeing 1080p footage from those plain ole DVDs. On the audio side, it touts 5.1-channel surround via analog outs for SACD, while DVD-Audio can take advantage of HDMI's single cable simplicity. Of course, you can expect the usual MP3, WMA, and JPEG playback here as well, and it even boasts built-in Dolby Digital / DTS decoders. So if you're still patiently waiting for that ever-elusive HD DVD / Blu-ray combo player to emerge, or just want a solid upscaling universal player in your AV cabinet, you can pick up the DVD-1930 now for ¥49,800 ($423).

[Via Impress]