Eizo's SlimEdge FlexScan 21 and 24-inch monitors: you call that slim?

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Thomas Ricker
November 9th, 2006
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Eizo's SlimEdge FlexScan 21 and 24-inch monitors: you call that slim?

If you liked Eizo's 19-inch FlexScan LCD then check these 21.1-inch and 24-inch panels from Eizo's SlimEdge (and FatAzz) lineup of monitors. While there's no doubting the ultra-slim bezel of that other Eizo SlimEdge we saw, this is pushing it. The 24-inch, S2411W brings a 1920x1200 WUXGA resolution and 6-ms response while the 21.1-inch, S2111W features a 1680x1050 WSXGA+ resolution and 8-ms response. Both panels share some of the picture processing technology of their Foris.TV brethren while delivering a 178-degree visibility, 450cd/m2 brightness, and a 1000:1 (native) on up to 3000:1 contrast ratio when their contrast optimizer magic is switched on. They also feature 2x HDCP-enabled DVI-I inputs and 2x USB 2.0 jacks. Expect the chubsters to hit Japan starting December 6th, with the S2411W set to pull ¥139,800 (about $1,183) while the S2111W will set you back a more modest ¥89,250 (about $755). Pics of the S2111W on the flip.

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