iLuv's i202 and i903 Bluetooth headsets

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iLuv's i202 and i903 Bluetooth headsets

The first thing you may have noticed about the iLuv i202 headphones up there is the lack of wires. Oh sure, they're Bluetooth 1.2 so there's no need to jack into your DAP. However, unlike all the other stereo-capable Bluetooth headphones we've seen, these lack any type of connectivity between the cans -- No little wire, no strap, nothing. So either they're being a bit devious with the product shots or we've got a first here. Nevertheless, they bring a nice looking design along with support for A2DP (stereo) and AVRCP (remote control) profiles on top of the handsfree and headset profiles to make 'em equally at home with your Bluetooth cellphone in and out of the car or for listening to your MP3 player. Yes, iPod too just as long as you don't mind lugging around the included iLuv Bluetooth transmitter. The i202 features a 200 hour standy time and will seamlessly switch between music and incoming calls with up to 13-hours of talk time or 14-hours of stereo audio before needing to pull a charge over the included USB power adapter. Each can weighs 51-grams with one sporting play/pause/skip/volume controls for AVRCP-equipped devices. $90 and shipping now. iLuv also has a set of i903 noise-canceling Bluetooth Headphones available with all the same features but 300 hours standby / 8 hours audio / 9 hours talk time. Yours for $100 -- picture after the break.

Update: We just received word from Wise Han, Director of R&D for jWIN (the OEM apparently), that the iLuv i202 cans are indeed wired. Sigh. They have also replaced the picture (now above) to avoid further confusion, and presumably, litigation.

[Via iLounge]

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