First look: Excite Truck

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First look: Excite Truck

Ever since we received our Wii, everyone has been dying to play that Zelda game. It's left us little time to take trucks, of the most exciting variety, out for a spin. After running through the first set of races and unlocking the silver series, we have overall good impressions of the game. Visually, it looks good. No pop-up present that we can determine and the sense of speed is really spot-on.

We currently have 3 vehicles at our disposal. A dune buggy-like vehicle is our personal favorite, mainly for its incredibly light weight (which helps us bust some amazing drifts and big air). Upon completing courses, we're rewarded for our efforts with a grade. The learning curve is rather small for this also, as upon completing our first race, we received a grade of F and, only 2 short races following, we were receiving A's and S's with relative ease.

Keep an eye out here for more impressions on the game as we progress and check after the break for some more pictures.

Our 3 vehicles. We're movin' on up!

The countdown ends and we're off!

We kicked so much ass in that race that we were rewarded with a new truck.
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