Hooking up a Wii to your HDTV? Preorder cables now

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Hooking up a Wii to your HDTV? Preorder cables now
The Nintendo Wii might max out at a 480p resolution, but plenty of HDTV owning gamers will be picking one up at launch. Unfortunately, component cables for the console (not included -- although even some high priced consoles don't have them either) won't be available on store shelves at launch either. With the cables not listed as arriving until December at popular videogame retailers, the only sure option is to order now from Nintendo's website and spend extra on shipping. If you're asking yourself why cables are so important when the system is at best EDTV anyway, remember the lessons learned from the last generation. PlayStation 2 and Xbox games (and other sources) are considerably clearer on HDTVs when using component connections as compared to S-Video or composite cables, and early reviews of the Wii show the same trend. Remember, friends don't let friends game in 480i.

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