Toshiba's fuel cell-powered "Segway competitor" in the works?

Sure, we've seen plenty of Segway wannabes, but Toshiba is reportedly planning to go head to head (or wheel to wheel, depending on perspective) with the human transporting giant by releasing a "competitor" of its own. While details are scant at this point, photos have surfaced that showcase Tosh's presumably forthcoming fuel-cell powered scooter, and it apparently boasts a safer, sturdier design than the hopelessly recalled Segway. Interestingly, the mysterious device is said to sport "LED lights" and communication sensors on the front to "prevent collisions" with other riders and "auto-navigate" when possible. Considering that the manually-driven Segways are illegal on Japanese streets, this functionality would hopefully legalize the machine for public use, but matching up this bad boy with a HT-V1A on a deserted street would give a whole new meaning to Tokyo drift, eh?

[Via Crave]