Wonka offers up candy-packed WonkaZoid handheld

We've never been ones to need much motivation when it comes to wasting hours on end playing handheld games, but just in case you're down with doubling up on your fun, Wonka Candies has unveiled the WonkaZoid portable. With four renditions -- each sporting a built-in game, sweet (ahem) sticker packs to pimp out your machine, and its own variety of treats -- the device boasts massive side compartments perfect for stashing away stacks of SweeTarts or Nerds, not to mention providing a precision grip for your sure-to-be-sticky hands. You can get your game on with Shockball Showdown, Oompa Candy Flip, Nerds Hockey, and Freeze Tag, and provide loads of additional work for your dentist all the while. So if you missed your chance to snap up a next-generation console during the pre-order bonanza, and you're not exactly keen with quitting your job to wait in line (or pay a 500 percent markup on eBay), maybe these lil' $5 to $7 gizmos will numb the pain -- but we seriously doubt it.

[Via CrunchGear]