Overzealous eBayer drops $900 for "Sony PlayStations, 3 of them"

In what's sure to be a frontrunner for the "oh snap" moment of the day (or year), a presumably frustrated, delusional, and impatient individual apparently forgot to read the fine print on his latest eBay win. While it's no secret that PlayStation 3 units have been selling for incredulous prices, snagging one for $900 probably seemed like quite the deal at the time; however, the poor sap failed to realize that he /she just committed almost one thousand dollars to purchasing three original PlayStation consoles. To make matters even worse, no games, controllers, or heartfelt sympathy was to be included, leaving the unsuspecting buyer in quite a bad predicament. No, we don't actually think (at least we hope not) that this fellow / lady went through with their purchase (although it was snatched up at the "Buy it Now" price), but if they did, we've got to look at the bright side -- that free shipping saved him / her a bundle.

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