The Real PS3 Grill cooks food, delivers lousy gameplay

There are two schools of thought when it comes to destroying a brand-new, $500 videogame console: some scholars feel that bashing the hell out of it with a sledgehammer in front of dozens of fuming fanboys is the way to go, while other academics would rather rip out the guts and replace them with something much, much less functional. Well we've already seen the SmashMy___ gang pointlessly assassinate an innocent PlayStation 3, so now it's time to check out what cruel and unusual punishment the folks at The Real PS3 Grill have meted out to their own shiny rig. Taking a cue from online Photoshop jobs that imagined Sony's console as a very expensive George Foreman Grill (complete with a fist-pumping Ken Kutaragi), these sadistic modders decided to hollow out their fresh purchase and replace all the high-tech magic with a common tabletop griddle. Their mission statement claims that the project was carried out to garner fame and glory, and for a very brief amount of time, they will indeed be on top of the world. Soon, however, everyone will forget about this amusing distraction in favor of playing their new gaming systems, while all these guys will have are a hopelessly outdated PS2 and a couple of leftover steaks.