Chatter Pillow, a glanceable and cuddly way to stay on IM

Some of the most popular items these days are internet-connected objects that contain glanceable information, such as the status of your inbox, the weather, or stock prices. Well, meet the latest addition to the family: the "Chatter Pillow." Designed by Rebecca Stern, an undergrad at the Parsons School of Design in New York, the Chatter Pillow is a midterm project for her "Making Wireless Toys" class. The pillow basically allows Stern to stay on IM from her bed or her couch, without the burden of a laptop -- one of the pillow's trio of icons will light up when one of three possible messages are received, so long as they're sent only from her boyfriend. If he sends "talk to me," "xo," or "on my way," then the icons (pictured) will glow blue accordingly. Now all we need is the cuddly lovechild of the Chumby and the Chatter Pillow for the ultimate in glanceable wireless cuteness gadgetry, and our geeked-out pad will be complete.

[Via MAKE: Blog]